Who Can Help My Child Learn?

Meet the Expert:


Educational Therapists create and implement treatment plans that employ learning tools and training that are tailored to meet the specific academic, socio-emotional, intellectual and developmental needs of a student.

Now parents and teachers can have access to the best tools through Every Child Can Learn.

Julie has been teaching, mentoring and tutoring for 27 years.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Special Education specializing in Learning Differences, has a private practice and has taught in both public and private school settings.

As a licensed teacher and certified, Professional Level, Educational Therapist she knows how important it is to have the right educational tools to support learning.

Julie Cowan, M.Ed, ET/P

JulieCowan@EveryChildCanLearn.NET                                                                                          (512) 771-2179


Educational Tools prices vary from $2 to $135

Cogmed Training $999, includes 40 sessions and all coaching calls and report

Fast Forword Training $1,200

Full Academic Assessments, $350, which includes Diagnostic Report


PayPal payments accepted upon request as well as Paypal Installment plans.